Short Hair Goals

Having short hair during these seasons (SS) can be a huge advantage but also it can be a nice excuse to go for a hair makeover, now, let’s remember that unfortunately not all of can pull short hair so just before going to the hair salon play in front of the mirror to see how … More Short Hair Goals

Split Ends?

Our hair is really hard to maintain, it requires time and a lot of dedication and sometimes we’re missing one of those two, but don’t you worry ’cause on this entry I’ll give tell you about some homemade treatments as well as some hair products that you can purchase in order to keep your hair … More Split Ends?

Getting a Brazilian Blowout or a Japanese Straightening…what’s better?

If you have curly hair or an extremely frizzy hair I bet that you get tired of straightening it every single day, and I totally get you, it takes quite a while to get it perfectly done and the damage to the hair is quite significant. That’s why on today’s entry we’re gonna talk about … More Getting a Brazilian Blowout or a Japanese Straightening…what’s better?

Homemade Hair Masks

Hey guys! Our hair is very important in terms of our personal image, it’s one of the first things the other person notices about us, that’s why it is important to try and keep it as healthy as possible. I know that taking care of it can be pretty expensive however you can go with … More Homemade Hair Masks