December Favorites

It’s been such a long ย time since I last did a “favorites” entry and I’m really sorry about that. I’ll try to keep them really monthly this year. For December I didn’t quite explore withe new products, however the ones that I used on my daily routine did really help me a lot. The first … More December Favorites

August Favorites

Time keeps passing by so fast which means it’s time for another favorites entry. This month was very casual and quite basic but that isn’t a bad thing, right? Let’s start with the Christian Dior Lipstick on the shade Rouge 999, I love this so much but on the other hands it doesn’t last that … More August Favorites

July’s Favorites

I know that for this type of entry I normally write about products that I’ve purchased and have been on my daily routine for many reasons, however for July, I wanted to try something completely different. That’s why for this month I’m gonna share some of my favorite homemade masks and scrubs. HONEY AND BROWN … More July’s Favorites

June’s Favorites

Hey guys!! I can’t believe it already July, and I really don’t know what I did during June, however, I do wanna share with you what I’ve been using the most, so let’s begin shall we? Lancรดme Juicy Shaker Guys, this is amazing!! It’s a lip taint that comes in this super cute package. The … More June’s Favorites

April’s Favorites

Hey guys! Did you have a nice weekend? April’s going to be the first time I’m gonna be talking about my favorite products of a month, hope this is something you enjoy. Let’s begin with this post ๐Ÿ™‚ Daisy- Marc Jacobs: This perfume has been my go to during the whole month and I think … More April’s Favorites