Last minute Christmas Shopping

Hey guys!

First of all, happy holidays!!! Have an amazing time with your loved ones. 

giphy-downsized (11)

Since Christmas is right around the corner, and most of have already bought our presents for our loved one, but maybe we’re still lacking one or two presents since it is a hectic task to complete.

That’s why here is a quick list with simple but yet useful and amazing gifts for your family or friends.

  1. A beanie: A warm and useful accessory for winter. This item comes in different colors and designs. You can go for a classic black or something with an extra something like pearls.

2. Beauty Kit. This is the perfect option for a beauty lover; in Sephora you can find from lipstick, facial or a glam glow masks this place has it  all. Depending on your budget, you surely will find something here.

3. Scarf. A scarf just like a beanie is timeless and super useful during this season. Go for one that you know will suit the other person’s style.

4.  Stationery. I know I’m not the only one how’s crazy about stationery, so a last minute visit to you closest stationery store can let you to amazing things. A notebook, an agenda or brand new washi tape can be a good choice.


5. Tote bag. Regardless of how simple this may seem, a tote bag can be really helpful for you daily routine; from groceries, to just a day out. A tote bag can be fund and stylish.

And there you guys have it, a simple yet useful (or so I think) list for a last minute Christmas shopping.



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