The *not so* secret weapon for softer lips

Hey guys!

On today’s entry I’m gonna share with you the ultimate weapon for keeping your lips super soft during this cold weather and of course, through out the whole year.

giphy-downsized (9)

This weapon happens to be in your house and you use it on a daily basis, you probably know this already but a toothbrush can do wonders for your lips.

If you use it while applying a lip scrub or simply just by adding a bit of vaseline to it, the effect it will have on your lips will be much more evident than if you just do it with your finger.

If you’re in a rush and want something a bit faster, you can jut apply either vaseline or lip balm while doing circular motions with the toothbrush, you gotta be gentle but firm so you don’t hurt your lips.

Now, if you wanna do this during night time, you can go for a lip scrub; it can be a home made one (here’s an entry with some recipes) or you can buy one, I personally recommend you the LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub. Again, do a circular motion while exfoliating your lips.

Here are somethings to take into consideration before doing anything:

  • Do this once a week as a maximum, remember that the lips are very sensitive so too much exfoliating may hurt them.
  • **If your lips are sensitive go for a very soft brush or just use a baby toothbrush.*
  • If any of the products you’re using for exfoliating your lips cause you any irritation or discomfort stop using them right away.
  • Try to avoid products with salicylic acid, it works, but if you use too often it may irritate your lips.

giphy-downsized (10)

Have a happy exfoliating everyone!

Until next time,







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