Sound-ful Wednesday: Epik High

Hey guys!

In today’s entry I wanna talk about a Korean hip hop called Epik High(에픽하이), and let me tell you guys that this band is pretty much music royalty back there.

22814312_1659416324132449_3958323163431230775_nThey’ve been in the music scene for quite a long time,  the band started its career in Seoul, South Korea with Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz. As any other music band, the beginning  for them was mainly in  the underground hip hop scene in Seoul.

Success didn’t came easy for them, they were trying to stand out in a country that was and somehow still is mainly focused on a more upbeat, pre manufactured pop music. However, they managed to steal the spotlights from the underground scene and released their first album in the year 2003, which goes by the name of Map of the Human Soul, High Society in the year 2004. 

After those two records, they achieved a more “mainstream” success with their album Swan Songs (which was meant to be the last one) Epik High became a household name in South Korea. The band was having singles topping online music charts or even having one of the best selling albums in their country.

So far, they’ve released 10 albums since they began their career, becoming one of the biggest and most representative bands of Korea. Epik High is slowly becoming in an international success with concerts and presentations is the festival SXSW and Coachella.

What I like about this band is how well they can mix that aggressive tone that comes with hip hip with a much more softer melody and sound that pop or ballad bring to the table.

If you like hip hop or just discovering new music and sounds, Epik High is a most listen to band.



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