5 must have pieces for winter

Hey guys!

For some of us cold weather equals a nightmare when it comes to winter outfits and how can we layer in a way that we still keep our cool.  So, I’m gonna share with you 5 pieces that you should have in your closer and that can help you as an inspiration during the cold day that winter brings along.

1. Classic coat

This look is a totally must during the cold days, besides keeping you cozy you’ll definitely look incredibly chic.

2.  Chunky knitwear

If you don’t like wearing a second layer with your outfit because it makes you feel uncomfortable, go fro a chunky knitwear, it can either be a cardigan or a jersey. Just add a t-shirt underneath it and your ready to go.

3. Puffy Jacket

Puffy jackets are a huge statement piece in your closet during winter, you can pair this jacket with jeans, skirt, or even a dress. Don’t be afraid to play with it, it will sure keep you warm!

4. Faux fur coat

This is one of my favorite winter pieces, besides all the colors and designs you can find in a faux fur coat, I love how it feels, it’s so soft!  (LOL) Pair this jeans with jeans and you’re ready to go, although you can also wear it with a dress.

5. Shearling jacket

Another favorite of mine is this jacket, besides being perfect for winter it adds and edge to your look.

What are you must have pieces for winter, guys?



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