Lippie Stix by Colour Pop Review

Hey guys!

So, there’s a huge probability that most of you have already tried this lipstick, however, I got it like two months ago and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.


The Lippie Stix collection has a great variety of color to choose from, wether it’s a red shade, purples, nudes, or even a black shade, this collections has it.  Another thing that I really like is that it is super affordable, each lippie costs $5 USD and it’s about 0.035oz or 1.0 g, which compared to a Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick that has 1.3 g. it isn’t bad at all.

I bought like 4 lippies but I gave two to my mom so I got to keep two as well. The first one is the shade Mirror Mirror and the LBB, both shades are beautiful mattes that look amazing in your lips.

Mirror Mirror / LBB

What I loved the most about this lipstick is how creamy it is, once the product touches your lips it feels really smoothing and somehow velvety. It doesn’t dry your lips at all and it really has a matte finish to it. Also, the pigmentation is amazing one application may be enough but I always do a second one just to really highlight how pretty the shades are.

In terms of duration I wouldn’t dare to say it is 100% all day long but it does survive for quite a while compared to other lipsticks. As for the application goes, it is easy to apply the product since it thin and it ends on a tip reaching the thinner part of the lips.


I don’t think I have any negative comment about this product since it is cheap, practical and the quality is as good as a high end brand if not more than some of them. If you haven’t tried any product from Colour Pop, the lippie stix is a great way to start entering this brand’s products, because you will get more than what you’re paying for.

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