A practical guide for hats during fall

Hey guys!

Fall is back once again, and I personally think that this season has an accessory of its own; the hat. I don’t know about you guys but once we know autumn is around us, our berets and homburg hats start making appearance on the streets, or at least these pieces become more visible.

But, how can you add a hat to your outfit without forcing it too much?  In this entry I’m going to tell you how to choose the right hat according to your face shape and style.

giphy-downsized (2)

First of all, we need to establish the type of shapes there are and what are the main characteristics for each one:


  •  Heart Shape: Pointed chin and the widest part of  your face is your forehead. (Go for it: Boater, floppy hats and berets)
  • Round Shape: Rounded chic and and the cheekbones are the widest part of your face. (Go for it: Floppy hats and fedoras…also baseball caps)
  • Oval Shape: Your forehead is a bit wider than your chin. For an oval shape face the chin has a curved look. (Go for it: Floppy hats, lieutenant hats, beret, boater hats)
  • Square Shape: Forehead, jaw line and cheekbones should be equal or slightly equal in width making your face as long as it is wide.  (Go for it: Floppy hats, fedora and beanies)

There you guys have it, I hope you  found this guide a bit useful.

Until next time,


Media: Pinterest / giphy








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