My night time skincare routine

Hey guys!

Today I wanna share with you my night skin care routine; it’s not as complex as others’ routine may be, but, I find it quite practical and I do think it covers all the basics.

This skin care routine basically consists of 4/5 simple steps that are quite easy to go through: cleansing, more cleansing, moisturizing and a good facial.

For the cleansing, I divide it in 3 parts; first I remove my eyes makeup and lipstick with the Ponds Clear Face Spa *which I think it’s only sold in Korea*. Then I use another Korean product that’s On the Body: Sparkling Tox which is like a toner/ cleansing water, for this I totally avoid eyes and mouth. And then, just as a final step, I wash my face just to be sure that it’s really clean.  (I tend to do this on a daily basis but if I’m really tired I’ll stop it right the cleansing water)

giphy-downsized (1)

After washing my face, I wait like a minute or two to apply one of my favorites moisturizers the Himalaya Wellness Nourishing Skin Cream along with the Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Hydro Sleep Mask. Now, that’s the routine for a lazy day, however, if I’m in the right mood I’ll add some sort facial to the process.

$48 USD

For this part I have three different products that I try to play with:

As I mentioned at the begging of the entry, it’s not a complicated routine but if you don’t like to over do your skin care, I’d just suggest to never skip the part where you remove your makeup even if you’re feeling lazy.

Hope you guys liked this, and I’ll try to write as often as possible.



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