How to apply mascara when you have sensitive eyes?

Hey guys!


On this entry I’m gonna share with you some basic tips for whoever suffers from sensitive eyes and finds it a bit challenging apply this product with having a rash or swollen eyes.

Bye bye water proof mascara

Having a mascara that will stay in your lashes for a long time it’s always a great idea, however, while trying to remove the product you’ll only hurt your eye since it requires more than one swipe to get it off.

giphy (8)

Back to black

Regardless of the comeback colored mascara is having, stay faithful to an all black mascara.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

It’s all in how you coat ’em

Try coating just the middle sections and the tips, don’t do it from the roots up; if you do this you’ll irritate your eyes. Just do a motion zig zag motion like you normally would just start from the middle.

giphy (9)

REMOVE all the product

I know that sometimes we are too lazy to wash our face including the mascara, but if your eyes are sensitive try to remove all of it, if you do skip this step in your skincare routine you may cause some irritation to your eyes since your skin will dry during your sleep.

Nivea double effect eye makeup remover

There you have it guys, perhaps these tips are really basic, but, it is always important to remind you these kinda things, just to keep a healthy skincare routine.

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