MAC Retro vs Jeffree Star Matte Lipstick

Hey guys!

Today I decided to try both MAC and Jeffree Star matte lipstick to see the in my own personal experience the difference between these two brands and what make them so special between their buyers.


For starters both of these products are extremely for their very own reason, this was my first time trying both products and I do have some things I’d like to share with you guys.  I bought the “Dance with me” shade, this the MAC one, as for the Jeffree Star one, I went for “Unicorn Blood”, this last one more of a darker shade.IMG_0747

Both products have a very nice feelings to the lips and dry super quick and are really pigmented, however, I did feel the Jeffree Star lipstick a bit more patchy than the Mac one. I had to pass the wand like 2/3 times to make it even and I felts it getting worse. (you know what people say…dark colors tend to be patchier)

In terms of how long it stays on your lips, I’d say that the Jeffree Star lipstick did stayed longer even after I used my cleaning lotion on the lips and none of them made my lips feels dry which is always an amazing plus.

giphy (7)

I honestly choose the MAC retro matte lipstick over the Jeffree Star lipstick, maybe it’s because of the shade but this last one was extremely hard to match the color on my lips, which I find weird since every review I’ve read or watched always say the most amazing this about Jeffree’s products, perhaps I should try another color. As for MAC, it continues to be my “go to” brand.

IMG_0776 copia

Which one do you guys prefer?



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