Sound-full Wednesday: Allie X

Hey guys!

It’s been forever since I’ve done a Sound-full Wednesday, I’ll try to post about this as often as possible.

Today’s artist is Alexandra Ashley Hughes aka Allie X. Allie X is a Canadian singer songwriter who’s career began during the mid 2000s in as an indie artist in Toronto, Canada.

Then on the year 2013, Alexandra moved to Los Angeles to start her career  as full-time songwriter; however, during this time she was still focused on her own music adopting Allie X as her stage name.

During that time Allie X released several EPs as well as singles like “Catch” or “Bitch”. Regardless of all these releases  Allie X had never released a full album studio until 2017’s CollXtion II which contains “Paper Love” her first single for this material and “Need  You”.

Her sound is very synth-pop and very easy to listening to, sometimes it can feel a bit shoegaze with a perfect mixture of synth melodies around it. If you like Dua Lipa or Foxes, Allie X is a artist to go to.

You can check her on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Hope you guys liked today’s recommendation and see you soon.

Until next time,



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