Summer Trends To Be Obsessed With

Hey guys, we’re practically enjoying summer weather, that’s why I’d like to share with you some of my favorite trends for this summer 2017.

 Artsy Inspired Fashion

I love colors and what these bring to your outfit, that’s why this trend really makes my happy. For this season brands like, Chloé or Sonia Rykiel showed this trend during their SS collection. If you don’t like your outfit all colorful I’d suggest you to try either a t-shirt or a a dress to make a statement with this trend.

 Peek a Boo

I love this next trend, when I saw it on the Christian Dior runway I became obsessed with it. This trend allows you to be sexy without being to tacky plus it’s great for the hot weather. I know we don’t have the money for a Dior piece, but brand like Zara have come up with a cheaper version for this trend.

Bright Pink and Bright Yellow

Forget about subtleties, making a statement with these two colors during summer is what it’s all about. Don’t be afraid to use these two color that scream summer out loud. Both of these color can easily pair up with a couple of jeans so just go for it.

Cold Shoulder

I love showing off a little skin, that’s why this trend is definitely on my list.  You can rock this style with a blouse or even a dress and you’ll look amazing with it, plus with this hot weather we all need to keep us fresh.

There you have it guys, tell me about your favorite trends for this summer!

Until next time,



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