Chemicals That Can Damage Your Health

Hey guys,

I know that we all like taking care of our skin and that in order to do so we decide to buy products that will help us achieve that goal; but, do we really know what goes into our skin?

Here’s a brief list of ingredients to avoid (preferably) while purchasing any skin care product:


Fragrance:  I know that most of the skincare products tend to have some sort of fragrance added to its formula, but, it is important the components behind that fragrance there are tons of chemicals that can harm your skin and even your health. That’s why movements like have been fighting for a fragrance disclosure that will force the companies to list the ingredients behind the fragrance they’re using.

Phthalates:  These chemicals can be found in colored cosmetics, nail polishes, fragranced lotions, body washers and hair products. The risk with these chemicals is the relationship they have with diseases like cancer and reproductive toxicity. Another thing is that even though we are all exposed to the risk these chemicals carry; however, pregnant women and breast feeding moms are more exposed to the effects. You can read more about phthalathes here.

Parabens: Parabens are a group of chemicals that are use to preserve and obviously to prevent bacteria growth from happening in the make up,  these chemicals are use more often within skin care products and deodorants.  The effect that these chemicals have on our skin is not something that would keep us awake, however if you have a sensitive skin you may present allergic reactions, skin irritation and even dermatitis. You can read more about parabens here.

Hydroquinone: This chemical can be found in skin lighters mainly. The damage that this chemical has over your health goes from cancer to respiratory tract, since it is mainly found in skin lighter lotion when purchasing this kind of lotion avoid these ingredients: hydroquinone or tocopheryl acetate. You can read more about hydroquinone here. 

These chemicals are not the only ones that can cause damage to our health, but I think it is important that we start noticing what goes into our skin and hopefully this post will do just that.

Until next time,




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