Toners 101

Hey guys!

If you unlike me don’t skip your toner, here are some facts that you may find useful for choosing a toner or a reason for why toners should be on your skincare routine.

mario badescu_aloe-lotion

For starters toners can be a great step in your skincare routine; some of the benefits that toners have:

  • Extra step for cleansing
  • Hydration
  • Minimizase pores
  • Good for Oily Skin 

It is also important to know that most toner are based alcohol formulas, that’s why it is important to go for a toner that’s alcohol free. Other ingredients you should avoid are witch hazel or menthol, these ingredients are most likely to be somehow aggressive with your skin.

Since your facial toner should be apply after cleaning your face you can use it on a daily basis every night or both day and night (this is a better option for oily skin); just apply some product on a cotton pad and with circular motion massage your face and neck.

Now, buying a toner in a drugstore is quite easy and you can choose the one that fits better to your skin and your skincare routine, however these are my top 3:

If  you can to try something new,  you can do your own toner with ingredients that you already have, here’s a very simple recipe for a DIY toner.

You’ll need:

  • 6 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • 50mml. (1.5 oz approx.) water
  • 50mml. (1.5 oz approx.) apple cider vinegar (raw)
  • 1 spray bottle

In the spray bottle add the vinegar and then the water, at the end add the drops of tea tree; shake the bottle to mix all the ingredients and then let it cool in the fridge.

Hope you find this useful guys, see you next time.




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