Know Your Mascara Wands

Hey guys!

In this entry I’ll break down every mascara wand out there and the effect it has on your eyelashes. I know that it isn’t rocket science, however, choosing the right wand can help you achieve the look your looking for.

Curved Wand

curvedThe curved wands are perfect for giving your eyelashes a longer and more curvy look, also thank to the curviness, the wand can coat all your eyelashes in no time. If you’re looking for a wand that will give your lashes a natural look in no time, this wand is a great idea.

Thin Wand:

thin wand

This wand is great if you want to focus on getting longer and more define lashes since the wand focuses on coating  from the roots to the end and since you’re not applying that much product you don’t have to worry about any clump.

Ball Shaped Tip Wand:


This strange looking wand will do wonders for your lashes since the ball on the tip will let you focus on a specific section of your lashes allowing you to control  the structure on your lashes.

Thick Wand:

thick wand

If your goal is to achieve volume then  go for the mascara with the thicker wand. This wand will get more product and with a coat or two you’ll see lashes for days.

S Shaped Wand:


This might seem a bit similar to the curved wand however this has this has a tiny extra curve that will help your wand reach those tiny lashes in your eyes. Also, it as great wand to avoid any clumps and the shape allows you to add several coats since the wand doesn’t get that much product.

Did I miss any wand? What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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