Short Hair Goals

Having short hair during these seasons (SS) can be a huge advantage but also it can be a nice excuse to go for a hair makeover, now, let’s remember that unfortunately not all of can pull short hair so just before going to the hair salon play in front of the mirror to see how it would look or apply the 5.5cm  (2.25″) rule.


You only need a ruler and pencil for this trick. Place the ruler exactly below your earlobe in a vertically way, the pencil should be places below the chin forming an intersection with the ruler. If it measures less than 5.5cm (2.25″) then the probabilities of you looking amazing with short hair are extremely high.

Now, for style inspiration Pinterest is a great place to find it; you can braid it, do mini pony tails or even try going for some buns. If you want to refresh your look for this SS short hair maybe the right choice, plus it will help you with this hot weather we’re feeling already.


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