Seoul Fashion Week FW17 Favorites

Living in Seoul gave me the opportunity to take a look at the designers that were presenting for this year SFWFW17, and let me tell you that compare to last year I found designers that I really really like for various  reasons.

Starting this faves, we have Supercomma B, it may not have been a new concept but what I likes about this brand is how casual it is which means that is street wear ready so if you like I’d call it sport wear with a twist of style this is the perfect brand for it.  (Instagram)

Moving on we have Anne and the Crwd, what I like about this brand is how on the runway you could pieces pieces that were a mixture of vintage 20’s wear with present time. A lot of oversized pieces made it into the looks which shows us how this oversized looks are a stamp of Korea’s fashion scene.  (Instagram)

Another designer that wowed me was Studio JKoo, the pieces for this collection were full of drama, some of them with oversized fit and always faithful to JinWoo Choi’s aesthetics. Maybe this brand isn’t that much ready to wear but if you like having statement pieces in your wardrobe this is the brand to look for. (Instagram)

I know there where more designers that presented but these three really grew on me, later on I’ll be doing “Let’s Talk About” posts that include more Korean designers…until next time.



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