Play Nail by Etude House

I love giving my nails a pop of color that’s why I’m always looking for colors that will make my nails look out of a manicure salon. So, as a result of this search I came across with the Play Nail nail polish by the Korean brand Etude House.

This nail polish comes in a range of plain and glossy colors, which gives you a hand full of options for your purchase; out of all the colors available at the store, I went with the colors #50  and #51. The #50 is like blue kinda purple color and the #51 is a dark burgundy color.


When reading the description on the site it gives you both  direction and cautions on how to apply and take care of your product as for the direction is quite simple: first apply a base coat and then after drying apply the product 2 or 3 times, once it’s dried apply a layer of topcoat.  (pretty much apply it as any other nail polish)

Now guys, when I first used this nail polish the wand made it easier for me to apply the product, however,  I did feel it a bit watery, which is not bad but you should have this in mind just to avoid getting the product all over your hand.

After applying the product be sure to let it dry completely, after the second layer I could see how vibrant the color and how well you can even the color with just two layer of this nail polish; I decided  to apply a third one just to have a more much colorful nails.


It’s been almost two weeks and the nail polish has began to chip and to fall down…out of the nail polishes I’ve tried from a Korean brand this product from Etude House did deliver.

See you next time,




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