My Zara Essentials For This Spring

Spring has officially begun which means it’s time to prep our  wardrobe for a warmer weather and do not panic this doesn’t mean we need to buy ourselves a brand new wardrobe (which it would be nice)…we can rely on our transitional pieces or we can also invest some of our cash on pieces that will stay in our closet as a piece that’s “multifunctional”.

Hopefully this selection from Zara spring collection will do just that. So let’s begin, shall we?

My first piece is a simple pair of high wasted mom fit jeans, as every piece on this list mom fit jeans are having a major fashion moment; one of the reason for this success is that it goes with pretty much every body type and with the right accessories it can easily go from a day outfit to a night outfit.  Click Here

My second pick is another pair of jeans…I’ve seen these kinda jeans since last year and it seems that this trend is not going anywhere, the ankle length jeans can be a statement piece just like this contrast fabric pair from Zara; just put some ankle boots and you’re ready to rock. Click Here

Keeping on with denim pieces, this Denim Jacket is one of my favorites so far; it’s fun, light and you can wear for both day and night going outs. If you’re going with a day look just pair with jeans or a mid skirt and white sneakers to keep it cool but if you’re ready to party around change those sneakers for a pair of high heels and a ponytail…just to keep it more interesting…and that’s it, you’re ready.  Click Here

Another great jacket that I found is this “Jacket with Zips”, it comes in three different colors and again it can be use as the statement piece in the look you decide to put on. This jacket is a great way to avoid the traditional leather jacket look, I mean…despite of having the shape of this must have, the fact that it is more than just black makes it a bit more playful. Click Here

Moving on to more flowy things, we have this amazing bright pink dress whit both straps and short sleeves. This dress is amazing for a day look or just a quick get away to the beach;  you can pair this dress with a denim jacket, sandals or a pair of sneakers. Click Here

My last piece is this denim skirt that’s already having a comeback for this spring. As with the jeans depending to how you decide to style your whole look with your skirt you can achieve a day or night look…maybe a nice denim on denim? Anyway, it doesn’t matter the look you go for as long as you feel comfortable with it, as for me, I really like how it is style on the site. Click Here

Hope you guys like my pick and see you next time.



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