The Search For Everything- John Mayer

Guys, I tried to write about just one song but I just couldn’t do it! The truth is that I’ve been listening to John Mayer’s new EP non stop.

The Search For Everything was introduced to us via YouTube on two parts or waves as John Mayer titled them on his Vevo channel.

The first song that came to us was “Love On The Weekend” a song that reminded me of the old John Mayer…perhaps a mixture between “Heavier Things” and “Continuum”…a more blues focused sound with a perfect care for the harmonies.

The next patch of songs that he released were divided in two “waves” as I’ve mentioned before. Both of these waves had four songs each making it a grand total of 8 tracks…if we’re lucky enough maybe we can expect a new wave?

All of the remaining songs delivered to the expectations that his comeback had created; with a much more mature voice and melodies fill with blues and piano harmonies that as puzzle pieces just match between each other.

I might be a bit subjective when talking about John Mayer since he is one my favorites artist, but these tracks that he presented just show us how much passion he has to his music and listening such a mature yet back to basic sound from him, makes it even better.

Until next time,



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