This time I tried a new (at least for me) sheet mask from Mediheal, which in my opinion is one of the best brands in this field in Korea. Having tried this brand’s masks before I didn’t hesitate when I saw the “Airpacking Wrap” on the counter.

The premise with the Airpacking Wrap is the three layer cotton sheet mask that will keep your skin moisturized and at the same times will allow your pores to absorb the nutritional ingredients thanks to the airpacking fabric in all the three layers.

For this sheet mask Mediheal came up with the Mint Wrap and the Pink Wrap, both with the same three layer “construction” but with different components; the Mint Wrap is supposed to calm sensitive skin with a relaxing complex of tea tree and centella extracts. The Pink Wrap will revitalize, moisturize, and improve your skin’s elasticity with a firming vital complex of hydrolyzed collagen and ceramide.


After using both masks in a period of one week,  I can say that my skin did look “healthier” and also it gave my skin a matte look, so,  as far as the final results the masks did deliver.  However, I did have one big issue while using these masks…both of them dried up way too fast. The first time I used the Pink Wrap it didn’t feel as soaked in the serum as other masks do which some of you may like since it’s not dripping everywhere but once it was on my face it took less than 10 minutes to feel completely dried.

I took it off and then after two days I used the Mint Wrap and the same thing happened the only difference is that I used the remaining serum on the package and applied maybe two times into mask until the 20 minutes were done.

Overall it is a good mask but the fact that it dries up sooner than what I had expected really was a downside for me since I’m use to the feeling of serum pouring down my face and even while you’re taking the mask out of its package, I don’t know but feeling the serum makes me feel that there’s something in this mask working on  my face.

If you have tried this product, let me know what you think!

Until next time,




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