Why Is Personal Styling So Hard?

I know this may not to be the case for everyone out there, but let’s face it, finding your personal style can take a very long time so for this post I’m gonna share you some tips that hopefully will make the process a lot easier.

Find Your Style Soul Mate:

We all have that one actress, model, singer…that we’re obsessed with, and normally if it’s more that one the styles then to be the same or different in a way where one style can complete the other.  Once you have your style soul mate you can translate that style into your own wardrobe.

Put Your Style Into Words:

Is your style boho-chic, edgy, romantic or classic…? Once you’re able to describe with words what your style is about the easier it will to shop for pieces that fit those words.


Try Some Looks First: 

Once you have in mind what image you want to project with your style play dress up in your room in front of a full- length mirror and in a very objective way analyze how you look with that aesthetic and if it fulfills what you had in mind. Another thing is to be quite conscious if that particular style fits in with your life style…it’s all about representing you as your own individual.

Clean Your Closet:

Pay a visit to your closet and start doing some clean up and just keep the pieces that go with the style your aiming for, also when buying new clothes buy smart…meaning that you should buy pieces that can create more than just one look, that way you will save some money without risking your style.

Keep Your Curiosity Going:

Even when you have found your style you’ll keep on changing as an individual; that’s why it is nice to keep a personal style board whether in your room or in your pinterest just so you can see how your style may or no may not be changing.



Hope this is useful, until next time,


Images:  Mediagiphy.com

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