Why Is Skin Icing A Thing?

The other day I was watching a Korean beauty TV program where the people share their beauty routines and I was quite surprised when I saw that more than 50% of them massaged their faces with  ice before applying their makeup.

After watching this I had to know the reason behind this step in their beauty routine, so that’s why I’m gonna share with you some benefits about rubbing ice to your face.


Tight Skin: Rubbing ice to your skin can help you tighten your skin temporarily due to the blood flow it proves on your face. Also, it’s a great way to prevent  wrinkles and some people have said that this so called “ice facial” has helped reduce the size of their pores.

Glowy Skin: As I mentioned before rubbing ice to your face can cause a better blood circulation in your face which will turn into a natural glow which is fantastic if you have to skip makeup or you’re in the mood of showing off your natural beauty.

Good For Acne: No, it is not going to cure your acne 100% but it will help you reduce the inflammation and the pimple size.

Eyes: If your eyes are puffy due to a night out or a Nicholas Spark movie, rubbing ice on the dark circles and that will help you reduce the darkness and also the puffiness that both situations may cause. **For better results use as well some cucumber slices.

There you have it guys…it’s good to it once a day but if you have time I’d suggest you to do it in the morning and at night how ever just keep it to 2 or 3 ice cubs and just remember to roll it with a towel or put them in a plastic bag.





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