Cave Me In- Gallant (Tablo/ Eric Nam)

Cave Me In is the new single that the Grammy Nominee Gallant is promoting along side the Korean rapper Tablo and Korean singer Eric Nam.

This song is so catchy that I have been listening to it non stoppable; the ย way these three artists combine their voices is just amazing because they all blend so well to the melody that makes it quite poised, I know it’s a weird word to describe something but it really fells quite well put together.

Cave Me Inย is a throwback to 90’s R&B sound with a video that complements that whole vibe as well as these gentleman’s attitude- the video was recorded in Hong Kong and don’t quote me on this, but this is a great move from Gallant, the fact that he worked with very two famous Korean musicians, allows him to expand his music a bit more.

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