How To Do Your Eyebrows According To Your Face

Knowing the shape of our face can be way too helpful if we decide to give our eyebrows a make over. That’s why on this entry I’ll give you some tips of the perfect eyebrow shape for your face.

Ok, first let’s start with the face shapes…we have oval, heart, round and square shape faces as you can see  below. diagram_faceshape

Now,  as for the eyebrows there are 5 basic shapes that you should know, which are the following:


Now having this in mind let’s see which one goes with which face shape.

Oval Shaped Face: Go with a soft angled shape; this shape will add to your face a bit more balance…not that you needed it since oval faces  tend to rock everything.


Heart Shaped Face:  For this face, the emphasis of the eyebrow should be on the arch so try to keep it simple but without going for a rounded shape…let’s shy that you should find the balance between hard and soft angled.


Round Shaped Face: Since you don’t wanna make your face look “rounder” go for a hard angled eyebrow, this feature in your face will make it look a bit more longer.


Square Shaped Face:  For this face its biggest feature is the bone structure, therefore your eyebrows should be as soft as possible just to balance all the definition that your face has; so try to go for either a “S” shaped or a soft angled eyebrow.


Until next time,





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