Lipstick 101

Lipsticks for a lot of us is the most important part of our make up, that’s why it is important to choose a product that can easily adapt to our life styles, so…let’s see what kinda lipstick suits you the best.

Long Wearing Lipstick: If you don’t like to re touch your lipstick every 4-5 hours or after every meal, then this is the perfect lipstick for you. This kinda lipstick stays on your lips between 8 to 24 hours, the down side is the your lips can get a bit dry after using this lipstick.

Moisturizing Lipsticks: If you don’t like feeling your lips dry after applying your lipstick then go for a moisturizing lipstick. This lipstick will keep your lips moisturized and shiny thank to its  ingredients like aloe vera or vitamin E.

Cream Lipsticks: On like the moisturizing lipsticks these ones have a bit more texture due to the wax that goes in the product, also it can last a bit longer than a moisturizing lipstick plus with more pigmentation in the formula.


Sheer Lipsticks(AKA Satin Lipstick):  With a sheer lipstick you can get both glossy (shiny)  and moisturized lips thanks  to the amount of oil that it’s put in the product; the down side would be the fact you have to re apply the product a lot and sometimes the color can become lighter once you’ve applied it.


Matte Lipsticks: A matte lipstick will get your lips a non shiny look but do not fear since that doesn’t mean that your lips will look dry, cause on the contrary they will look rather smooth and hydrated.

Liquid Lipsticks:  This is a much more pigmented version of a matte lipstick which promises to give more texture to your lips.





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