Stop Touching Your Face…

This is an entry that I should pay attention to as well ’cause I’m the number one “face toucher” ever (I don’t think that’s a word). I know that touching our face is something so normal for most of us that we don’t even realize the consequences that this habit can bring to our skin.


So, what are these consequences…Let’s see, shall we?

Acne: Although it’s not a main factor for this skin condition, it does help it spread since both the bacteria and oil in your fingers can clog your pores.

Create a Picking Habit: Touching leads to picking your face and this is one of the worst things you can do to your skin since you are actually damaging it plus you can scared your skin with the whole picking thing.

Eye Bags: Remember how everyone say that our under eye skin is the thinnest in all our face?…Well, it’s true (lol) so please avoid this area at all costs, ’cause the more you touch it the more you’re  decreasing its natural elasticity.

And I mean… the whole germ/bacteria thing it’s quite gross once you think about it…do you really want that for your skin? So..let’s try to break that habit that is damaging our skin on a daily basis.



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