Why Failing Is Okay…

I remember that in one of my emotional meltdowns I mentioned to one of my friends that “I was a failure” ’cause I wasn’t able to achieve what I wanted at the moment and I just felt completely useless and not worthy just because of that feeling of failure; and as time passed by I let that feeling took over my daily life until I realized it wasn’t worth it.

a233d4f8712143166734dad59a641440Failing doesn’t mean the game is over, failing it’s just life telling you to approach your goal in a different way and if that goal is not meant to be for you those “failures” will guide you to the right path you should be moving on.

So if you ever feel like you’re failing first of all do not compare with other ’cause everyone’s path is different also, do not encourage yourself to feel bad about it and do not point out everything that went wrong. Instead, try making new strategies, new plans to achieve what you’re looking for and while you’re doing it remind yourself how worthy you are and how capable you are to achieve your goals.

And let’s just learn to embrace our falls as lessons that will eventually guide us to our desire goal.

Until next time,






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