Sound-ful Wednesday: Risso (리소)


It’s been forever since I did a Sound-ful Wednesday entry!!…

Today’s artist is a Korean singer that goes by the name of Risso (리소). I couldn’t find that much information about her however I really wanted to introduce you guys to her music.

Risso is signed under the Korean label WALTZSOFA RECORDS; her sound is described as Nu-Disco with funk  vibes and playing with some 90’s influences making her music both playful and colorful.

Unlike Suran (소란), Risso’s sound has a more synth based  structure definitely a more 80’s disco vibes.  Her latest album is called “A Little Bit More” and it was released November 2016.

Risso is another good project that has emerged from South Korea and hopefully we’ll be hearing from her a lot more.

If you wanna check her Facebook, I’ll leaver it right here.

Until next time,



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