December Favorites

It’s been such a long  time since I last did a “favorites” entry and I’m really sorry about that. I’ll try to keep them really monthly this year.

For December I didn’t quite explore withe new products, however the ones that I used on my daily routine did really help me a lot.

The first product is an all time favorite for some of you guys and that’s Vaseline, I know this product can be use in different ways but I really just use it for my lips and the results are quite nice; I only apply it before going to sleep and that’s it I don’t need any more product the next day. Definitely a nice alternative for a lip balm.


For my hands, I discovered this amazing hand cream, I’m not sure if I already talked about it but pretty I stopped using other hand creams for this one. It is the Atrix hand cream and I’m in love with it; it smells nice, it’s not oily and you feels your hands really moisturized 24/7.


As for my face I started using this lotion from Innisfree and it is the Kale Anti Oxidant lotion, now this lotion is suppose to be good for firming your skin and moisturizing it and honestly I did notice some changes in my face, just saying.


The next product is the Son & Park  True Black Eye Pen Liner; this a Korean brand and the pen is actually close to being a pitch black eye pen. I mean, there’s nothing that makes it that different from the rest of the eyeliners however I find this one very easy to draw the cat eye with, and also it does stay in your eyelid for a while.


Moving on to makeup, the one foundation that I keep on using is the L’Oreal True Match make up.  This foundation doesn’t feel heavy on your skin and that’s what I really like about it as for the coverage is so so but I just like how it feels on my skin.


I tried using a brightener but my makeup do not allow me to use it the right it however, I have been using is a base for my dark circles so I can add red lipstick to them to minimize the darkness in under eyes so for that it really works or at least it has been working for me. The brighter that I am using is Real Ampoule Brightener and I got it in a Korean makeup stores called Aritaum.


Now, I’ve just mentioned that I started using a red lipstick for my under eyes and the results are quite amazing although it took me a while to master this I really sweat by this trick. The lipstick that has been working for me is the Mary Kay lipstick in the shade Rouge Salsa. I just apply a small amount and then I blend it with my concealer and the results are noticeable.


For lipsticks I have two that were my go to for December. The first one is the Liptensity by Mac in the shade Burnt Violent, this lipstick is a very dark color but I love how it feels in your lips and the color is very powerful, it’d say is your statement lipstick.


And the last one is the Mamonde Creamy Tint in the shade 19-velvet burgundy. This color balm as it is describe lasts for a very long it, the colors are very nice and the formula makes your lips feel moisturize while your wearing it.


There you have it guys, those are my favorites for December, hopefully 2017 will brings us more exciting this to try.

Until next time,






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