My 2016 Favorite Fashion Labels

During this 2016 I decided to reinvent my blog by adding more content and creating more post on a daily basis; within the content I decided to write about some fashion labels that I found to be quite creative and unique on my section “Let’s Talk About”.

So, for today’s entry I’ll leave you with my top 5 on 2016 fashion label.

5. Mani Maalai


Mani Maalai is a Mexico based jewelry house which main inspiration comes from the earth making the pieces into earthy symbols and geometrical pieces.

Another thing I love about  Mani Maalai is the uniqueness in the pieces; since most of them are inspire in what is on earth most of the pieces are a mixture of bugs and symbolic figure.

Whose behind these pieces? Sisters Alejandra and Gabriela Morales. You can check more of their work here.

4.Les Hommes

les-hommes-logo Les Hommes is a fashion label focus on men’s wear and based on Italy, the minds behind all the creative are Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch. This fashion label’s  aesthetic is  the perfect balance between luxury and contemporary wear.

Under the Les Hommes and Les Hommes Urban brand names, the company markets and distributes collections of men’s apparel, jeans wear, accessories and shoes.

Since the year Les Hommes  was launched it was being showing its collection during Milan Fashion Week. To check out more click here.

3.The Only Son

the-only-son-logoThe Only Son is a Thailand based brand that was launched in the year 2010 by Au Ekbutr Udomphol whi graduated from the Sydney Institute of Technology.

What I love about this label is the sense of aesthetic that is put in every piece it produces; it a perfect balance between androgyny and minimalistic design plus the clothes have this beauty on its own regardless the minimalism that I mentioned before.

For me The Only Son is a brand that will keep on pushing the envelope with its designs. For more, click here.

2.Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf LogoLazy Oaf is by far one of the corkiest fashion label I discovered during 2016, based on the Uk this brand is all about the color, texture and everything that’s magical.

The creative director for this brand is Gemma Shiel and the launching year for this brand was the year 2001.

As I mentioned before this brand’s aesthetic is quite playful, colorful and it evokes a sentiment of youth nostalgia. I mean if you are a 90’s kid like myself you may enjoy this brand a lot. And don’t forget to check out more, here.

1. Self-Portrait

self-portrait-logoThis brand has me so in loooove with it, it’s just perfection, at least for me. Self- Portrait is a fashion label that was launched on the year 2013 and it is based in London.

The creative director for this brand is the Central Saint Martins graduated Han Chong who was born in Malaysia but he has been living in London for 10 years.

What I love about this brand is both the aesthetic and the process for this pieces to come to live.  One the first hand when you see a Self- Portrait piece the word femininity comes to mind follow by timeless; as for the process, most of the pieces are laser cut which makes it a a real work of art that would make anyone feel like a million dollars.

Please  check out more of Self- Portrait here, please do so.

There you have them, those are my favorites for this year and I promise that next I’ll keep on looking for more fashion label to share with you guys.

Until next year,



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