Creating New Habits

A new year is about to begin and that allows us to have a brand new start, it sounds cliché but it is true.  Starting a new year is always like breathing fresh air, it just makes us feel renew, that’s why we set and try to achieve our goals during those 365 days.

I know that achieving those goals tends to be rather challenging sometimes and that’s because in order to achieve those goals we need to make some sort of change in our daily routine or even in our life; that’s when creating or establishing new  habits can be quite helpful.

But, how can we create new habits? My mom always told me to do the same thing at the same time for   a month so that I would become an automatically thing to do, and it did work out, but creating new habits goes a bit beyond that ’cause you really need to set your mind on it.

One of the thing that is always helpful is to establish small habits, by doing this it’s gonna be hard to  find it either a waste of time or rather annoying. Also knowing the reason behind the habit you  want to create is a big help.


Do not forget the habit you’re trying to create. It is quite easy for us to just stop doing things so you really need to be quite committed even setting an alarm on your phone can make a huge difference, so set your mind on it.

Try to create a trigger before doing what you want as a habit, that way you’ll immediately   relate the trigger with your habit.

Treat  yourself with something when you complete a certain amount of time. By doing this your motivation level will stay on the right track.

I hope you find this useful and honestly just know the reason behind it ’cause that’s in my opinion that’s the ultimate motivation.

Until next time,






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