Less Stress, more beauty

Nowadays living in a stress free environment is pretty much the hardest thing to do. However, it is important that we give ourselves a reasonable time to let all of the stress out of our body since its influence in our body tends to be quite negative.

This influence can affect both are mental and physical health that’s why the more we know about the effects stress can have in our body the more will want to look for those peaceful moments that are very much needed in our lives.


If  you happen to  have acne, stress will only make it even more severe. Why?… it’s because of the cortisol that your body releases while being stress; more cortisol equals more hormones.


When you’re stressed out your skin tends to become unbalanced between the good and the bad bacteria, this process is call dysbiosis and it happens when because of the stress our skin becomes more vulnerable allowing the “bad” bacteria to ham our skin.


Skin Sores

Stress can cause all types of sores and it can also cause skin problems like eczema or psoriasis, why?…many of our immune cells can be affected with stress making our skin more sensitive towards sores.

Dry Skin

While being stress our skin evaporated the fluids much more faster due to a reduction on the lipid barriers that our skin has; also, while being stress we tend to change water for drinks like coffee which can dehydrate our skin.

Hello Fine Lines 

Let’s face it while being stress out we make so many facial expressions that we can’t even notice when we’re making them.



Until next time,





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