What Comes After A Broken Heart…

It’s been almost 10 months after my big break up; I believe that we all have that one break up that becomes in a turning point for how we see relationships. Some people become more mature, others more bitter and others become more fearful when it comes to the idea of allowing someone into their life.

In my case, I’d say that I’ve experienced all of them and it’s a bit sad ’cause nowadays I find myself so doubtful and full of fears that it just doesn’t allow me to care as I should and maybe that’s a bit selfish since I’m only paying attention to my needs and my heart but getting over my last relationship is one of the hardest things I’ve done so far.

And you know what?…I’m pretty sure that the way I love will never be the same; I know it’s never the same but after him, something feels different. I’ve built up so many walls around my emotions that as soon as these walls start to fall down I believe my love will be stronger and a bit more genuine just because it was guarded for such a long time that as soon as the walls come down I know I’ll be able to give my whole to that one person who was indeed able to tear down the walls.

Am I ready for that kinda love?…maybe I am and I’m using my healing time as an excuse to avoid it but you know what when the time is right that one person will come along and things will change because after the heart has been broken it finds it way back to feel whole again.

Until next time,



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