Sound-ful Wednesday: Fickle Friends

Today’s band is Fickle Friends,  a band from the UK formed in the year 2013 by the members Natassja Shiner (vocals, keyboard), Harry Herrington (bass, backing vocals), Chris Hall (lead guitar), Sam Morris (drums) and Jack Wilson (keyboards).

The band started when Natassja Shiner met Sam Morris while they were both attending Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts after that they met the rest of the band members at BIMM Brighton.

After touring two years without a label Fickle Friends landed a record label with Polydor Records. Let’s just mention that before signing with Polydor Records and while  touring they were promoting their single “Swim” which is a very mixture between 80’s pop and new wave pop as well as their 2015 debut EP Velvet.

If you are a fan of upbeat synth 80’s pop Fickle Friends is definitely the band to listen to, hopefully we’ll get to listen to this band’s new album in no time.

Until next time,



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