My Top 5 Lipsticks …(for now)

Lipsticks are big obsession of mine and there are times when I only use a few them; they become my favorites for a week or even for months so having that as a side note, let me show you my favorites lipsticks and the reason why I like them so much.


The first one is the Creamy Tint by Mamonde in the shade #19 -velvet burgundy. The reason why I like this product is because the pigmentation on it it’s very rich and once you apply it your lips feels very smooth and that sensation carries on during the day. Another great thing about the product is that it lasts on your lips. Maybe it’s not a 24 hours lipstick but it will definitely stay on for more that 3/4 hours.


The next one on our list is Trinity Lip by Forencos and this one unlike the rest it’s a double coloured lipstick. The shade that I bought is the Pink Coral and it’s just so cute and the lipstick smells kinda nice. This product just like the Mamonde lipstick leaves your lips feeling smooth.


Another Korean brand feature on this list is the Etude House, Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk in the shade RD308 again as you this color goes somewhere between redish and burgundy. This lipstick  doesn’t last that long but the pigmentation is quite alright and for a non mate lipstick I’m really liking it.


Moving to non Korean brands the first one is my always faithful Color Sensational Lip Color by Maybelline. The shade is the 654 Red Revival and no matter how long it passes this is by far one of my all time favorites. The product is very creamy and very pigmented. I just love it.


The last one is the Liptensity by Mac Cosmetics; once again I went for a very burgundy color and this one is the Burnt Violet. The lipstick is matte, it doesn’t dry your lips but I do need apply it at least twice to get the whole colour to get my lips even, other than that it’s Mac, I love it.


So there you have it, do you have any favorite that you’d like to share?

Until next time,





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