My “Gilmore Girls” Life Lessons

I don’t how you guys feel about Gilmore Girls, but for me that TV show became everything during my teenage years, and even now it’s my happy place for any  emotional breakdown; so, when I found out about the revival I was so excited because I was finally going to know how my girls were doing.

And let me tell you that it was not what I had in mind…I am not disappointed that’s for sure, it’s just that my expectations were nothing compared to what it is and I couldn’t be anymore thankful for that.

sourceWith the Gilmore Girls Revival I learned that life will never go as you plan it or as you intent it to be, this is nothing new however, it is nice to have a constant reminder. For example, did you imagine Rory being unemployed at the age of 32?…That’s what I thought.

Also, being back home doesn’t mean that you’ve fail in life. If you see Rory after going back to Stars Hollow, she embraces it, has fun, and takes time to re focus her goals.

Another valuable lesson that I saw during the 4 episodes is that finding your true happiness will always be a struggle but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up, on the contrary it’s just the perfect time to reset your path in life just like Lorelai did.

Family and friends? They will always be there to support to and to tell you whatever it is that you don’t want to hear and it’s fine cause at the end is for own good even when we cannot see it at first…though love baby.



And last but not least…love. Rory kept on seeing Logan after the broke up she had a boyfriend and while he was engaged to someone else, what’s up with that? She not only hurt Paul, she hurt herself by not realizing that she was with a guy that wasn’t good for her. Does anyone find this relatable?



And Dean…the way things came to an end with him it was so perfect and yet so sad, I’ve always that true love can find it’s way back but after seeing that it’s just better to understand that sometimes the person we want to be with is not what our life need at the moments.


So, thank you Rory and Lorelai for showing me once more that I have something to rely on and that life doesn’t have to be pretty and well put together in order for it to be happy and full of excitement and our moms will always be our best friends.


Until next time,




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