Winter Cares For Our Skin

Taking care of our skin does not necessarily mean that we need to buy every skincare product that’s one the market; don’t get me wrong,  it is a big help cause it is but we also can take care of our skin from the inside out.

I’ve wrote several entries about food that can help you achieve a more glowy skin and such but for today’s entry I really wanna focus on something that will help us for this winter season.

Let’s start with olive oil, this fellow is very good as Vitamin E source; and what Vitamin E does is help us with the damage skin, plus it is very rich in antioxidants.


Carrots are another great example of a food that can easily be on our day to day diet; carrots just like sweet potatoes contain this carotenoids called beta carotene that will help you skin protect itself from the UV Ray.

Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds…etc are great omega 3 and vitamins  like A,B and E. Another great advantage is the antioxidants that this food provides to your skin.


A cup of hot coffee? Yes please! Coffee is a great  way to prevent skin cancer also it is very good for antioxidants and in if you don’t like drinking you can always go for a nice facial scrub.


And the most important…water; and I’m quite aware it is not “food” but it is quite important for keeping our skin healthy. Remember water equals hydration.


I know that the list is not super long but it is a great way to start taking care of our inside.

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