Double Color Lipstick

I’ve recently discovered the double color lipsticks here in Seoul, and I know this is lame since it’s been a while that this product came out but,  I just got the chance to try one of this lipsticks and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

The whole idea of a double color lipstick is to get the gradient look in just one product. To me,  this is idea is quite alright and also the combination between the colors works out just fine.


Does it work? I’d say not in a 100% but it does create a slight illusion of the gradient look that you want to achieve.



In my personal experience I’ve been using the Trinity Lips from FORENCOS  and it’s working out just fine, I just apply it two times and use my fingertips to settle in the product (hope you know what I mean) and that’t is…it’s not as noticeable but you get a glance of the gradient.

Pink Coral

If you want to try this lipstick may suggestion would be not to get your hopes on, just look at it as a simple experiment.


Until next time,



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