Sound-ful Wednesday: Sunflower Bean

Guys, it’s been forever since I posted a “Sound-ful Wednesday” entry, so glad that ends up today.

Today’s band is Sunflower Bean, a band formed in the year 2013 in the beautiful Brooklyn, New York. This trio is formed by  Julia Cumming, Jacob Faber and Nick Kivlen; and as you can see it’s still quite new to the music scene but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t caught the attention of the audience.

I’d day that what makes this band stand out are the influences that their sound has since their quite evident. That’s why if you like Pink Floyd, The Cure, Led Zeppelin or Sonic Youth, this band is for you. So after knowing this, it’s okay to describe their sound as psychedelic,  full of guitars and somehow dark .

After their last year’s EP “Show Me Your Seven Secrets” they released this February under their first full-length  album “Human Ceremony” that counts with eleven tracks.

Hope you guys enjoy today’s recommendation and let’s me know what are some of your favorite bands.

Until next time,





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