Liptensity by MAC Review

Guys, as you all now by now MAC has a new lipstick collection and I had to get my hand on this product; the collection’s name is “Liptensity” and just as the name say it is a very pigment lipstick which makes the color very rich.

This new collection which btw is a collaboration with  the tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg, comes in 24 different shades that will become a must have in our makeup bags.


The formula for this lipstick feels quite similar to what a MAC lipstick is, however it has an extra creamy and a bit more gel-ish feeling that will not dry your lips and actually while applying it, it’s rather a nice sensation. Also, the scent is MAC’s signature scent so, no need  to worry about.


Another thing that  is new, is the packaging. For this lipstick, the container is much more slender and a bit more minimalistic and this is because the colour of the container matches the shade that’s inside of it, so that way it is easier to pick your shade.


The shade I went for is the Burnt Violet,  which is deep dark red shade that is so pigmented that it really makes your lips stand out; another great thing is that at least for me this lipstick lasts around four to five hours, it’s really a long wear lipstick.


Overall, this product has MAC quality all over it, and if you’re into 90’s vibes  the  Burnt Violet shade and the Blue Beat are a must have.

This lipstick in my opinion is definitely worth buying.

Until next time,





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