Ordinary People SS17

Not so long ago I did a “Let’s Talk About” where I described in a very summarized way the origins of this Korean brand. The creative director for this brand is Jang Hyeong-Cheol and he has presented some of his collections not only in Seoul but also in New York.

For this Spring/ Summer 17 collection Ordinary People presented quite a basic collection and I don’t mean it it a bad way, it just that compare to the Fall/Winter collection my expectations for this show in particular were super high that in my opinion it didn’t quite delivered. However, some of the pieces were amazing and even tough it is more of a men’s wear brand we saw several pieces for women.

The vibe for this runway was super casual, very ready to wear pieces with again…the oversized tailored. The pieces seemed to be very light even though both jackets and blazers were featured on this runway. What surprised a little bit is that despite the fact of it being a Spring/Summer runway the palette was full of black, blue and gray colors.

My favorite pieces of this runway were the shorts for both men and women; once again the fabric make them look so light and so comfortable to wear for the hot weather. Another favorite were some of the jackets that were presented, just because the pieces looked super stylish.

Overall, it was a good fashion show with very wearable pieces; did I expected more? Yes, I did, but like I said before that doesn’t mean that the show was bad, it was okay and I can’t wait to see what direction will Jang Hyeong-Cheol take for the next collection of Ordinary People.

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