Surreal But Nice SS 17

Surreal But Nice is a South Korean fashion brand created by Lee Su-Hyong and Lee En-Kyoung, whom by the way are husband and wife.

This brand is in my opinion is one of the strongest brands within Korean fashion industry mainly because of the aesthetics this brand has embraced as its own. If you ask me, I’d say that Surreal But Nice is a very contemporary brand that seeks to turn the ordinary in extraordinary without looking over dramatic or over the top.

For this Seoul Fashion week SS17 I was lucky enough to get invited to Surreal But Nice’s fashion show, and that got me super excited first of all I loved the FW16 collection and second of all this collection was somehow a Disney collaboration…more specifically with Beauty and the Beast, so my excitement was in another level.

The show was packed and some Korean celebrities made it to the show, also the atmosphere was very obscure which totally made sense since the beast was going to be part of this collection.

My first impression was that the over sized tailored was present once more for this runways and just with the FW16 collection a very neat and consistent palette of colors was displayed on the runway also, there were not that many patters except for some flannel that was added to the collection.

The pieces for this collection felt so elegant and yet completely stylish and let me tell you, the pieces themselves were not “ground breaking” but the way they were constructed made the clothes stand out. Also, the fabric  was so flowy and some pieces had some fringes as a detail and that whole thing, made the perfect combo.

Surreal But Nice is proving that the brand has the quality and the mindset to be recognized as a global brand and I’m so happy to see how this brand keeps on breaking boundaries within the fashion industry.

Until next time,





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