Coat-Up Your Fall

Coat are great statement pieces for both autumn and winter. That’s why knowing what type of coat suits your body will make this statement even more fierce.  That’s why for today’s entry I’ll try to break down some tips for finding the perfect coat.


As you all know by now, the key to a perfect fitting relays on knowing our body type; once we got that figured out the rest will be quite easy.


Let’s start with the “banana” body type; you can take advantage of your body and go for a furry coat to add more volume to your body or if you’re looking for a piece that will shape your body try a coat that’s fitted on the waist or that has belt on it.

Zara / Mango / Anthropologie

As for the “apple” shaped bodies;  go for V neck coats and avoid coats that are either puffy or that have one too many pockets. Instead,  I suggest you to try an empire coat or a draped one; what we’re looking for are pieces that will elongate your torso and define your waist.

Boucle Slouch / Ralph Lauren 

The “pear” body is wider on the hips so finding a coat that will balance your figure we’ll make you look even hotter. “A” line coats or  belted coats will help you find this balance. Also, go for coats that hit the knee or mid-thigh.

Asos/ Anthropologie /

And finally the hourglass body;  fitted coats will allow you to show off your waist line, also coats with detailed collars are a good option for this type of body.

Zara/ Burberry

Hope you guys fid this a bit useful!

Until next time,


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