CANMAKE Color Stick Review

Lately I’ve trying some drugstore concealers just to have and affordable choice, however, it has been a very difficult task. I’m not saying that every drugstore concealer is bad but I haven’t found one that has the same result as an Urban Decay or a Nars product yet again, I haven’t tried every drugstore concealer.

The one I did try is the CANMAKE (Japanese brand) color stick, one of the things that got my attention is that the concealer is pigment and paraben free…so far so good.


It comes in six different shades depending on what you want to achieve with your concealer. The shade I picked is the number  7 or apricot; this shade is suppose to combat dark rings around the eyes and it says it  gives you a brighter and more glowing complexion.


As for coverage I’m a bit torn apart,  in my case I needed to use the CANMAKE concealer and my Natura concealer to hide the really really dark circles. However, when my eyes were a bit more rested the concealer on its own worked out just fine.


Another thing is that this product is a cream concealer so when you apply it on your skin the sensation is very subtle and even though my skin has been a bit oily it is not affected by it.


While applying it try using your finger tips; I don’t know why (maybe I’m to brusque) but every time I tried to blend it with a beauty blender it was gone, but, if I used my fingertips it was way more easier to apply.

Overall it is a good product for the price your paying.  It is 580yen on the website which is around $6 or $7 dollars (add taxes). It didn’t fulfill my expectations but I didn’t end up hating it. My only two problems are the coverage ’cause it’s not consistent and the quantity in my opinion is quite small compare to other drugstore brands.

I give this product a score of 7.5 out of 10.

Until next time,




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