How I Deal With My Anxiety

Living with anxiety has never been an easy task and hiding hasn’t made things any easier. I would describe my anxiety as social anxiety and this might sound weird since people tend to see me as a very outgoing person but I guess that’s me trying my best.

Suffering anxiety is not something to be ashamed of, it is a constant battle against yourself and let me tell you that it can be a pretty nasty fight, ’cause no matter how hard you try something you make everything that’s on your power to sabotage yourself.

However, I’m grateful that I’m learning how to control my anxiety but from time to time it just doesn’t work and it can get the best of me; and I guess that’s okay it ‘s just a matter of time to be able to control it.

Through out the year, one thing that has helped me a lot is to learn how to let things go, and this for me has been a life changer so instead of creating a series of fake and hostile scenarios I choose to let them go, and this has been so hard because I’m an over thinker so you can imagine my struggle it hasn’t changed 100% but I guess it better than before.

My fear of being judge by others or not being liked by them is also something that gives me major anxiety but things like this blog or learning to let things and opinions go is a great way for overcoming this, and it’s hard but at the same time is something that needs to be change in order to overcome the fear.

Another thing that has helped me is having a friend around me when it comes to social situations; I mean, living in another country has made this really hard for me because I can’t even answer my phone without getting that feeling of panic or go to the bank, so having a friend around is always very calming but you reach a point where you can’t live properly because of that fear that you produce in your mind.

And this may sound stupid but in order to overcome the fear that phone calls cause me, I’m starting to answer the phone and maybe after 5 seconds I hang up, I know it’s silly but for me those are my baby steps and maybe one day I’ll fully overcome the situation.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that anxiety is a real thing and second we have the power to change it; it may not be a 360º change but we can find ways to make more bearable so it won’t affect our life on a daily basis.

If you wanna more about anxiety please go to or Nation Institute of Mental Health (USA)

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