Prep Your Skin For Winter

We all know that autumn doesn’t last longer than a month, that’s why preparing our skin for the winter is always a huge advantage so our skin won’t suffer the  temperature change that much. These steps are super easy to follow and mostly it’s just reenforcing what you already do on your daily routine.

Moisturize x 1000

Since winter tends to be drier than the rest of the season it is only logical to keep our skin as moisturize as possible, that’s why applying lotions or creams that contain ingredients like glycerine or urea can be a good product during winter.

Bye bye hot showers 

I know it’s hard to give up a nice hot shower but if you want to keep your skin from losing any of the moisturize it has, avoid hot showers and embrace warm and not so long showers. Also, a great tips is to apply your to body and face lotion right after the shower and this is just because your pores are open so with this your skin can absorb the nutrients better.

SPF Fo’ Life

It doesn’t matter if the sun is not shinning, UV rays are still gonna mess your skin, so even if the day is super cloudy do not forget to apply your SPF.

Buy a Humidifier 

Winter is gonna make our skin dry, having a humidifier next to you is always a good idea, personally, I started using it in Korea ’cause the winter is very dry and let me tell you that it’s so worth it, the mist it creates it super helpful for keeping your pores hydrated.

Face Mists

These fellows are a live saver…when you’re on the street an start feeling your skin dry you apply it on and you’re ready to keep on going. I know there are a lot of mists out there but as with the lotion go for mist that have glycerin in the ingredients.


Until next time,



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