Keeping Your Leather Jacket As New

Leather jackets sometimes turn into an investment due the fact that most of them tend to be on the pricey side; that’s why knowing how to take care of that investment isn’t such a bad idea.

One of the first two things  you should purchase is a leather cleaning product (duh!) and the other one is a conditioner to keep your leather jacket from going dry since it tends to do so. Also, before applying the product do a spot test, just to verify that it suits with the leather.

Another thing we don’t consider that much is the hanger; just put in a padded hanger and do not cover it with a plastic bag or cover if you wanna do so, for for a nylon cover.

Now, if for some reason your jacket gets wet just let dry in your room, no need to put it close to the heater and definitely to do not put it on the dryer.  There are some products that make your leather jacket water proof, so that might be a good idea as well.

And last but not least, get it clean by a profesional at least once a year after all it’s money well spent.

Until next time,





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