Sound-ful Wednesday: Shishamo

Today’s band is Shishamo, a band formed in the year 2010 in Kanagawa, Japan.  The band came together during high school; two of the member, Asako Miyazaki and Aya Matsumoto (past member)  were actually childhood friends, the third member Misaki Yoshikawa became close to them during high school.

The started writing their own music in 2011 and entered a competition and won some of the categories, let’s remember that this all during high school. After that they released their debut album  “Shukudai ga Owaranai” on October, 2011 and was exclusively sold at Tower Records.

Shishamo’s band member Aya Matsumoto left the band after turing 20 and was replaced with Aya Matsuoka in the base; this band’s sound is pure indie rock and even though Asako Miyazaki’s voice is very sweet it matches perfectly with the whole band sound with makes it very pleasing to the ears.

Let’s face it, I have no idea what they’re saying but c’mon we just need to feel music, right?  So if you enjoy Japanese music or just discovering new bands and sounds, this band is a good start point.

Until next time,




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